Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Over 100 Thousand Professionals and Technicians for New Mining Projects and Energy Requires Peru

mining truck in Peru

OSINERGMIN, the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining recently reported that over the next five years, Peru will need to incorporate more than 100,000 professionals and technicians to work on their new major projects in the mining and energy.

"There is information that has transcended that may be required in the sector more than 100,000 professionals in total over the next five years," said the manager of Economic Studies Osinergmin Arturo Vasquez.

Vasquez said that the demand for professionals in the mining and energy sector is growing quite due to the implementation of major investment projects in the mining industry such as Toromocho, Las Bambas expansions Southern, among others.

"There are important projects that are demanding much in the mining industry professionals, remember that the investment portfolio that has this industry is over US $ 53 000 million" he said.

He said the government recently had granted the south Peruvian Pipeline (GSP) and only in this work is going to require a lot of professionals and technicians, because its construction could take three to five years.

He also noted that "there is a very important field of action and the demand for these professionals is growing every year."

He added that only in the case of specialized professionals in supervision and regulation of energy and mining sector require no less than 1000 and up to 2000 people.

Given this situation OSINERGMIN held the thirteenth edition of University Extension Course, aimed at young graduates for careers in business, law and engineering from the different universities.

Registration for the admission test culminate on October 28.

"To date we have performed 13 issues on which we have trained about 1000 students of different races and Economics, Engineering and Law" Vasquez said.

Beneficiaries will be 90 students with scholarships University Extension Course XIII, who will receive knowledge on supervision and regulation of the mining and energy industry.

He concluded, "This will open three labor camps for these kids, one is within the OSINERGMIN, another option is to work in other public entities as Indecopi OEFA, Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM), Ministry of Environment (Minam) and they may also work in other private companies. "

For more information visit the website or write to xiiicurso@ceu.osinergmin.gob.pe OSINERGMIN mail, or call at 219-3410 in Lima and provinces 0800-41800 (data: Gestion).

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