Saturday, October 18, 2014

27.4% Increase in the Number of Foreigners to Enter Peru in Quality Migrant Worker

Foreign income Peru to Work

In August 2014, the entry into Peru of 5000 with 396 foreign worker immigration status was recorded. 

The number of admissions in the month of August 2014 represented an increase of 27.4% compared to revenues of foreigners to work in August 2013. 

Of the total input, participation by country is as follows: 

-Colombia: 17.4% 

-Spain: 15.8% 

-Chile: 12.1% 

-Argentina: 9.7% 

-Brasil: 6.5% 

-USA: 5.2% 

-Ecuador: 5.2% 

-Bolivia: 4.9% 

-Venezuela: 3.6% 

-Mexico: 2.4% 

-France: 1.6% 

-Canada: 1.5% 

-Italy: 1.5%, 

-UK: 1.3% 

-Other nationalities:11.3%

This increase occurs despite the slowdown in the Peruvian economy, but compared to the large number of investment projects underway that generate jobs. (data: Andina)

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