Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Peru will grow more than three times the regional average this year

Lima - Peru

According to investment bank BCP Securities, Peru with an annual growth rate of 4% will grow more than three times the regional average in 2014, while the projected development for Latin America in 2014 is 1.2%. 

Walter Molano, an economist at investment bank BCP Securities, said the region is slowing at an alarming rate and most people do not seem to care. 

"The projected for this year in Latin America growth rate is 1.2%, half that of last year and one-fifth of what was recorded in 2010," he said.

He said that Venezuela and Argentina are in outright recession; while Brazil and Mexico have an almost flat behavior. 

"In both Chile and Peru, traditional Latin American stars, will grow at a rate of 2.5 and 4%, respectively," he said. 

He estimated that Colombia would grow 5% this year, due in large part to the large influx of foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade reforms ongoing peace negotiations.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Peru with New Minister of Economy and Finance

Alonso Segura - Minister of Economy and Finance - Peru

The Peruvian Government appointed Alonso Segura as the new Minister of Economy and Finance, Luis Miguel Castilla replacement. 

The change was announced Sunday night by surprise by the Presidential Press Secretary. 

Castilla told reporters he left office based "strictly personal" and that he had discussed the matter several months ago with President Humala. 

The outgoing minister hailed the appointment of his replacement and Segura said he has only "words of praise for their professional and personal qualities, and commitment to the country and the government." 

Castilla was being signaled por opposition for various reasons, among which is the fact of not taking prompt and effective to counteract the effect it would have on the gross domestic product falls in international prices of minerals and investment measures. 

At present, the Peruvian government has had to adjust to the low growth projection for 2014 from 5.7% at the end of last year to 4.0%. 

Meanwhile, the new Minister of Economy and Finance of Peru, Alonso Segura said declaróa, stating: 

That the American economy will recover quickly and maintain the momentum of high growth rates in recent years. 

That will take steps to "ensure that the recovery of the Peruvian economy occurs as quickly as possible" and can "sustain growth in the medium term." 

- "We will continue thinking what reforms over the medium and long term are necessary Any of them obviously require to have consensus in Congress benches So we will work in that direction..". 

He said that this year's economic growth has not been good, but reminded that it is a phenomenon that has affected the entire region. "Brazil is in recession and Chile will grow less than 2%," he said. 

- "The important thing is that since the worst happened, and the figures for growth should gradually in the months of July to September, picking up momentum going." 

It -Manifestó that the Peruvian government will keep reactivating measures to ensure growth of 6% by 2015. 

-. "There's a number of reasons to suggest that growth will be much better next year but I think you have to have a seat on how to ensure strong growth in the medium term eye," he said. 

Basic Information on Arturo Alonso Segura Vasi: 

-Age: 44 

-Economista The Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru. 

-Maestría And PhD in economics, majoring in finance at the University of Pennsylvania. 

-Certification Financial Analyst (CFA). 

-Funcionario The International Monetary Fund, 

-Manager Economic Research and Analysis Issuers Credit Bank of Peru, 

-Funcionario Cabinet of advisers of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, 

-He worked also on the Development Finance Corporation (COFIDE), and Deutsche Bank, among others. 

-He worked in research in the Group of Analysis for Development (GRADE) 

-Consultant UNDP. 

-Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru 

-Professor at the University of the Pacific, 

-Professor Specialization courses in the Central Bank and the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance. 

-Fulbright scholarship

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