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The agroexports be a locomotive that can not be stopped

Peruvian Fruits and Vegetables for the World

Juan Manuel Benites, Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation of Peru. reported that Peru has a potential of 200,000 new acres in the national agriculture, which can be exploited by domestic and foreign investors.

The minister participated in the international meeting of Eurofruit Southern Hemisphere Congress 2014, which was performed with great success on 6 and 7 November 2014, in which it cites important statements.

Addressing foreign businessmen present at the meeting, dedicated to the production and commercial horticultural activity, the minister said that Peru has extraordinary agricultural and livestock resources, which represent an opportunity for investors worldwide.

He stated that "The agroexports be a locomotive that can not be stopped and will be an important generator of productive employment and foreign exchange for the country."

He said the Peruvian agriculture has huge resources in vegetables, fruits and vegetables, and Andean grains and other crops.

He mentioned the large investment projects in the agricultural sector:

-Olmos (Lambayeque) to expand the agricultural frontier on 38 500 hectares,

-Chavimochic (La Libertad) 63 thousand hectares,

-Majes-Siguas II (Arequipa) with 38,000 hectares

Likewise, efforts to refurbish irrigation in Ica region, among others.

He said, "I must point out that the government of President Ollanta Humala has the strong will for unlocking processes and standards to promote the arrival of direct investment in agriculture, and generate jobs and income for the benefit of thousands of farmers in the field" .

He said the government has recently approved a new package to boost reactivating reducing time to unlock investments. "These measures that will reduce the time in several years to attract investment, especially in farming".

The Minister highlighted the reforms, and the promotion of various projects and programs carried out by the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture, such as:

-AGROIDEAS In promoting partnerships in small and medium-scale agriculture;

-The Start of activities of the National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR) in promoting the forestry sector;

-AGROBANCO In providing fresh resources in agriculture.

Export -Sierra

He said "We want to leave the next government established a route to continue to capture the coming of domestic and foreign investment in agriculture. What we are doing are realities, by providing the best conditions for investment. "

The Eurofruit Southern Hemisphere Congress 2014 was a success and brought together industry leaders from the different links in the global supply chain of fresh produce, representing a unique opportunity for Peruvian exporters agro entrepreneurs, creating new and better opportunities business. (data: different sources)

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