Sunday, April 12, 2015

President of Peru Conducted Intervention for Outstanding at the Seventh Summit of the Americas in Panama

President of Peru speaks at the VII Summit of the Americas in Panama

Peru's President Ollanta Humala made an excellent presentation at the Seventh Summit of the Americas in Panama.

Unlike most of his peers, Ollanta Humala set aside history, conflicts and criticism, leading approaches whose objective is the improvement of the countries of the Americas.

He appealed to the union of the countries of Latin America to compete with the countries of Asia and thus prevent this is not a "lost decade".

Literally said "In the world there is a competitive process and we have our pairs of Asia that are competing with us in various markets. We need to understand that if we do not unite, if we do not cooperate with us, this decade in Latin America can be a 'lost decade' '.

He asked the presidents attending the meeting to put aside the differences that have historically separated countries and join hands to move forward in Latin America and the Caribbean the problem of inequality.

It also supported the end of the blockade by the United States to Cuba, also shown in favor of the peace process being conducted by Colombia.

On the economic side, Humala said that while economic growth is important in itself does not solve the problems of a country. Thus advised his colleagues to make proper use of resources responsibly and focusing them on those most in need.

He added that a good way to reach the poorest is through social programs, they should already be designed into a second generation level to allow totally out of poverty for people.

The President of Peru broke the theme that dominated the session that revolved around the story of conflicts of US and Latin American countries, trying to steer the meeting towards the goals that called as poverty, inequity and inequality in countries Americans.

Without fear consider the intervention of Ollanta Humala as the most outstanding in the Seventh Summit of Americas (data: Management)

We recommend watching the video with the full involvement of President Ollanta Humala.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Peru with Lower Risk for Investment in Latin America

Miraflores, Lima - Peru

The country risk is the index called Emerging Markets Bond Index Plus (EMBI +) which measures the degree of "danger" that involves a country for foreign investment.

In Latin America the least risky country for foreign investment is Peru, whose country risk index stood at 192 points, according to the EMBI + Peru estimated by JP Morgan investment bank.

Other countries are also in excellent positions are Mexico and Colombia.

The EMBI + Peru is measured in terms of the difference of the average performance of Peruvian sovereign bonds against the yield on US Treasuries.

So the political risk and the possibility that a country may default on their payment obligations to international creditors is estimated.

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