Monday, June 29, 2015

Imperfect Democracy

Dictators in political parties in Peru

In Peru there is democracy because free elections work, governments are autonomous, freedom of expression and press freedom are respected, etc.

There are numerous political parties and regional movements that have their candidates when it convenes national, regional and local elections. Basically eventually they work only for that purpose.

But curiously, each political party has its dictator who imposes on others and becomes the eternal presidential candidate. If you win, when his term ends, still in the running for a new term, campaigning in the intervening period.

There is no democratic process within parties. Candidates do not leave the inner freedom of choice but imposed by the caudillos.

Serious defect, because it prevents others emerge larger capacity and preparation, allowing a permanent oxygenation in running the country and steady improvement of the Peruvian political class, currently very low quality.

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