Saturday, February 21, 2015

Venezuela by the Footprint of the Brothers Castro

Coat of Arms of the current Venezuela

Abuse every day in Venezuela. Nicolas Maduro is already a dictator and further is considered the owner of Venezuela, such as the Castro brothers in Cuba for so many decades.

Capture and imprisonment for opposition leaders and anyone who dares to confront the tyrannical regime.

Lack of food, medicine, industrial supplies, toiletries, dollars, etc etc endless lines facing it as a punishment every day under Venezuelan people.

Clear indications of corruption that point to making state funds, and participation of Chavista leaders in drug trafficking.

Unasur has shown that was created to support slave regimes like Cuba and Venezuela. As such it is already a dead entity headquartered in Quito's all a gigantic mausoleum.

Countries "brothers" Latinos remain silent, instead of protesting grave abuses committed by the Venezuelan people Venezuelan dictator.

For the "brothers" better keep selling trinkets to Venezuela, to protest the possibility that Maduro stop shopping. Besides the dictator could say how much money they gave Chavez a few of the current presidents for submission and achieve accompanying him in his Bolivarian dream.

Likewise, the Venezuelan military with his cowardice, show that Venezuelans were not those who fought for independence in Bolivar, but the British Rifles Regiment.

Mr. Santos, let fears aside, bring up the birth of Nicolas Maduro issued in Colombia, with that noble act the tyrant fall immediately because a Colombian can not be president of Venezuela. (J.hurvil)

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