Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Peru Acquires French Satellite - The Most Advanced of Latin America

Asrosat - 300

Peru recently purchased from France for $ 213 million, a satellite "next generation", which puts the country at the forefront of space development. 

The "Asrosat-300," Airbus will be the most advanced Latin American satellite, according to specialized sources. 

The acquisition includes the satellite system, the ground control station, as well as technology transfer and insurance. 

Significant number of Peruvian youth in France participate in all phases of the manufacturing process of the satellite and will be trained in the operation of the system and reading the images captured. 

The French satellite will be made of silicon carbide, stronger than diamond material that is more resistant to the extreme temperatures of space. It will weigh about 400 kg, the third party other similar observation satellites, and have a minimum shelf life of ten years. 

The most remarkable feature of Asrosat-300 is its resolution: it is a 0.7 meter satellite submeter resolution, the most powerful continent. This means that you can accurately identify two objects that are spaced 70 centimeters apart. It will see: cars, people, cultures, etc. .. 

The Asrosat-300, have a collision warning system, if a crash near the satellite space junk detected from Earth may momentarily divert its route and return to orbit once the danger passed. 

The satellite will be used more for defense, national security, mapping, fight against drug trafficking, terrorism, illegal logging, illegal mining, illegal fishing, disasters from earthquakes or floods, and monitoring of climate and natural phenomena. 

Additionally, Peru already has images of the French constellation satellites, France facilitates Peru. 

It should be noted that parallel to this breakthrough in association with France, Peru is also working on developing its own satellite technology, and currently has several satellites nano scientific observation, made by universities, which were placed in orbit by American rockets and Russian, and work continues on other devices larger, both rockets and satellites, now with more support from the Peruvian government.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Norway and Peru form Alliance for the Defense of the Amazon

Ema Solberg - Prime Minister of Norway

Ema Solberg Norway's prime minister said about the importance of "giving value to the Amazon, where more than 350,000 indigenous Peruvians live and where forests contain an invaluable biodiversity." 

  Norway will, he said, each of the environmental measures implemented Peru, to "ensure that the deforestation of rain forests continue not giving in the world." 

  Norway and Peru signed at the headquarters of the UN, according to a gifted $ 300 million fund to protect the Amazon, according to advance the fulfillment of goals set by the Peruvian government. 

  The agreement was presented by Prime Minister Ema Solberg of Norway and President of Peru, Ollanta Humala to coincide with the UN climate summit, which meets in New York to governments around the world. 

  "We are taking a significant challenge in accordance with the overall commitment of the century. This is a very important for forests and climate agreement," Humala said in the signing of the agreement. 

  Humala said that "cutting and burning of forests is a major source of greenhouse gases, representing 40% of the total, being necessary to reverse this situation. Making it a great challenge." 

Added the president, that his country is fighting deforestation and looking for ways to strengthen the native communities to help care Amazonian forests. 

As provided in the agreement with Norway, which is in effect from 2014 to 2017, Peru will implement key reforms to reduce emissions, which will be financed by Norway. 

  In this regard, the president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Luis Alberto Moreno, paid tribute to the leadership of Ollanta Humala in its commitment to the preservation of the Amazon. 

  Moreno said the agreement signed today with Norway and is also scheduled to Germany accedes, "can mean a great legacy for the future and an example" to join in the same objectives other countries, which he cited Colombia . 

  Minister of Environment of Peru, Manuel Pulgar-Vidal said that the $ 300 million endowment agreement will be channeled based on meeting goals that Peru has established. He cited among them, forest policies, the identification of the "stock" of carbon and control measures of deforestation. 

  The program defined the minister, as "guardian of indigenous forests" go to 2020, when Peru aims to be carbon neutral. (Data: EFE / El Comercio)

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